Del Casino Law is a full service entertainment law firm that I founded, after spending the last few years with some of Nashville’s large law firms. I decided once again to open my own office so that I could provide my clients with more economical and individualized attention for which I have become known in my more than 22 years of practice in entertainment and copyright law.

My experience as a musician and ten years experience as a music publisher in New York, working with artist-writers such as ABBA, Quincy Jones, Todd Rundgren and Foghat, among others, has provided me with a wealth of actual hands-on music business and publishing industry knowledge that shape my practice of entertainment and copyright law.

I have worked tirelessly for the rights of composers and other creators of intellectual property.   I have negotiated some of the largest co-publishing and recording agreements for artist/songwriters, as well as some of the largest agreements and catalog sales for songwriters.  I have renegotiated decade’s old recording and publishing agreements, resulting in new and improved terms for the benefit of artists and their heirs.

Del Casino Law’s sole agenda is to protect the rights of their clients by securing the best agreements for them in a comprehensive, efficient and economical manner.

-Casey Del Casino